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Item C-1505 - Distillation Column, Stripper
A&B Process

Built by A&B Process for ICM in 1998. S/N 80823501. Shell and plates are 304SS. Contains 18 trays. Size is 5.5 ft diameter x 37 ft tall s/s, OAH 43 ft. ASME Nat'l Bd # 5 rated at MAWP 40/-7 PSI @ 250F. MDMT -20F @ 40/-7 PSI. Dry weight per drawing is 10,114 lbs (does not include ladders, grating, insulation, any pipe) See drawings for more information. Actual dimensions for transport are 7 ft-4 in wide x 7 ft-4 in tall x 44 ft long, weight when lifted down was 15,000 pounds. Column has been removed and is ready to load.

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