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Item cp101 - Baghouse Filter Silo 4300 sf

Baghouse Filter, used. Kice model CR288-12 built 2006. Has 288 filter bags with cages - bag size 4-3/4" x 144" long. (Approx 4300 sf surface area). Baghouse size 12 ft dia. X 38 ft tall with 60 degree cone, partially insulated. On steel structure 14 ft x 14 ft x 9 ft tall. OAH approx. 45 ft tall. Carbon steel. With 3 ft screw conveyor at outlet. We have blower fan that went on this system - avaiable for extra cost - see asset cp102. NOTE: Baghouse system has been removed - stored at crane yard near Winnebago, MN. The optional Kice 60 HP blower system and ss stack (25,000 scfm) is in separate location (Marissa, IL). Baghouse filter shipping details: 13'-11" x 13'-10" x 44'-10 1/8 OAH, weight empty 30,500 pounds - allow 35,000 pounds. See links for baghouse filter drawing. We also have operating manual and wiring diagram + erection tips from Kice. Price quote for baghouse silo only.

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