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Item 7472 - Deodorizer Vessel SS

500 Gallon Deodorizer Vessel NEW Size: 42 in Dia by 7 ft sidewall with dished top and bottom heads Rating: Full Vacuum at 500 F MOC: 304L SS, Coils: 304L SS Sch 80 pipe rated 150 psig at 300 F for Cooling Water with 15 turns Sparger Coil: 304 L with 3 turns and 10 - 1/8" holes facing down Nozzles: 2 in Oil Inlet, 2 in Oil Outlet, 1 in Temperature Transmitter, 1 in Pressure Transmitter, 8 in Vacuum, 1 in Sample, 18 in Manhole, 2 in sight glass, 1 in CW in, 1 in CW out, 1 in Steam In, 8 in heater flange Supports: 4 Lugs All vessels are designed and constructed according to the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Division I, but will NOT be 'U' stamped. In addition, the system and components are designed to facilitate maintenance where required. Delivery: 8 to 12 weeks after final drawing approval. Photo is not actual Deodorizer Vessel - similar item shown for reference only.

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