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Item 7467 - Filtration Skid

New filtration skid includes a complete portable filtration skid with a small vertical pressure leaf filter, with a precoat/filter feed tank, mixer, pump, valves, piping, and a control panel. It is built of all 304 stainless steel, with the leaves inside the filter fabricated of the standard 5-ply riveted, 316 ss, construction. This is on a 4' x 8' skid to make it portable and convenient to fit into a small space. The system has a Goulds 9SH, 3500 RPM pump. This small vertical filter allows for small batches of products to be filtered. Because of the small filter with only about five small leaves, it does not have a vibrator for cake removal, but instead it can be opened quickly and the leaves will have an area for rapping with a mallet for cake removal. The bottom dump hinged, weighted lid opens for the spent cake to be dumped into a small movable hopper. Filter Area = 45 sq. ft, Filter Capacity = 110 Gallons, Precoat Tank Capacity = 160 Gallons, Wetted Parts are 304 S/S Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.

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