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Item 7478 - Activated Carbon Filter
Nomura Micro Science Co
Carbon Vessel

Carbon vessel is ASME code and rubber lined (3mm hard natural rubber). (3 available) Used tanks. Tanks include the basic manifold only as described in the attached drawing. Also includes the top rail and ladders as shown in the drawing. Manufactured in 2010. Designed for 90 psig at 140F. Size is 3200mm (10.5 ft) dia x 2800mm (9 ft) s/s. The actual flow rate is dependent on the water and the application. At 1.0 gallon per cubic foot of media, these tanks should produce approx. 1650 gpm of total flow for all these but at 1.5 gallon per cubic foot of media these tanks should produce approx 2450 gpm of total flow through all three. See drawing link for details. These tanks are empty - will require a charge of activated carbob - we can supply that as well after consultation. Quantity (3) available - priced each

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