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Item PK-6050 - Continuous Hydrogenation System

Continuous hydrogenation system - capacity 20,000 lbs/hr. The continuous reactor is a vertical vessel with top entering multi stage agitator. Uses nickel catalyst and hydrogen to promote reaction. Major items include CHR Reactor 20,000 #/hr (carbon steel) , jacketed with cooling water on jacket MAWP shell 13.6 bar /FV at 260 C and jacket 11.4 bar /FV at 182C, deaerator, 2-stage steam ejector barometric vacuum system, 2 filter feed tanks, HydraShock filter, HydraShock surge tank, 2 catalyst supply tanks and system, finished product polish filter, spent catalyst tank, 6 heat exchangers, 9 pumps. Vessels are mounted on two steel structures assembled complete with all pumps, pipework, instrumentation and trucked in to be lifted intact into place. The HydraShock structure is 15 ft x 12 ft x 63 ft tall. The CHR structure is 16 ft x 12 ft x 49 ft tall. See photos. See links for schematic drawings of the system and a component list.

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Item 6039 - Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatograph with 5972A Mass Spectrometer. Includes G1512A GC auto-sampler and control, Hewlett Packard Auto Sampling tray, HP GC system injector tower 18593B, Edwards 2 stage vacuum pump (E2148). Software and manuals including 6890 GC user information disk, software certification and registration for GC and MS, 2008 NIST library and chemstation, Agilent Tech NIST mass spectral library disk 1 & 2, Agilent Tech NIST MS library search program update. Mass Spec

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