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Item PK-2200 - Biodiesel Plant 5 MGY

Greenline 5 MGY plant complete. Very good condition, built in 2007 and just idled in Sept 2021. In all 15 years of production, this plant did not have more than 3 weeks downtime - designed very well. Production was all animal fat at <4% ffa. It could also run Choice white grease, lard, tallow, brown grease. The front end operation has an Alfa Laval PX centrifuge. Includes an extensive spare parts inventory with spares for every major piece of equipment in the plant. Has an enclosed load out area and a chiller/filter press to meet cold soak requirements for biodiesel, Includes tank farm with (10) 30,100 gallon vertical tanks with insulation, side entering agitators, and electrical insertion heaters. 4 for B-100, 4 for feedstock, 1 for crude glycerin, and 1 for methanol. The BN rail line is next door and BN approved a switch onto property but rail line was never built. This is an orderly negotiated asset sale - all assets must move. Land and buildings are not included. Owner is open to an operating lease agreement as well to run in place.

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