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Item 7476 - Hielscher Reactor

Hielscher reactors: UIP16000 Ultrasonic Processor. 16,000 watts of ultrasonic power The UIP16000 combines a very high power with a minimal footprint. In a typical setup, the UIP16000 has 2 cabinets of 600mm x 600mm footprint only. This makes it easy to retrofit the ultrasonic processor into existing systems. Each UIP16000 works as a self-contained unit, including generator, transducer, sonotrode, flow cell and closed loop refrigeration. The stainless steel cabinets come with noise-insulated walls to reduce the noise emissions outside of the cabinet. The cabinets are pre-configured to facilitate the installation and start-up. Just connect to the process media supply, power supply, and cooling water, only. Qty (2) - priced separately.

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