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Why should I use Solutions 4 Manufacturing?

Solutions 4 Manufacturing (S4M) brings over 40 years of manufacturing experience to accomplish any job efficiently and effectively. We also have an extensive network that allows us to provide the equipment you need in addition to our knowledge. S4M is not just about taking equipment orders or listing used equipment. We offer a hands-on treatment that sets us apart. Working directly with you to get what you need is important to us.

Would you be able to sell my entire plant or manufacturing process?

Yes! We have worked with many companies to sell manufacturing plants and are willing to arrange a solution that will work for you. We are set up to do orderly negotiated sales, auctions, and even organize to bring your plant???s property back to ???greenfield??? or ???brownfield??? (sell all assets, scrap and demolish buildings, and mediate any environmental liabilities).

If you only have a small amount of equipment that is sitting unused, we would still love to sell it for you and return the maximum value. With experience in the used equipment industry, Solutions 4 Manufacturing has the skills and knowledge to accurately appraise and market your unwanted equipment.

S4M is in constant contact with all major used equipment dealers and also works internationally. We have major gateways into Mexico, Canada, Central America, South America, and Asia (Thailand, Japan, Korea).

Why should I buy used equipment?

Used equipment has many benefits over buying new:

  • Cost ??? lower cost used equipment means faster returns
  • Build Time ??? new equipment can often have months of lead time required
  • Compatibility ??? finding equipment that is familiar reduces training time

Making you feel secure in purchasing used is one of our goals. We strive to report the condition as accurately as possible, give history (if known), and allow in-person inspections.

We are looking forward to working with you to make buying equipment that fits YOUR needs as painless as possible.

Can you help me install the equipment and train my employees?

Yes! We can install and hook up any equipment that you need. Training is also offered training for your new or new-to-you equipment to get you up and running as soon as possible.

How can I find out what my equipment is worth?

Our market valuation program uses several methods to determine the fair market value of your assets. Market value is defined as the dollar amount that could be achieved for a piece of equipment or a system assuming reasonable advertising and after a reasonable time on the market (usually less than 1 year).

Our assessment takes into account:

  • Equipment price when new
  • Condition and age
  • Availability on the market
  • Probability of sale
  • Removal and loading of equipment

We can conduct appraisals on a small or large scale ranging from a single piece of equipment up to an entire plant. Once the appraisal is complete, we can also help you sell or manage the assets effectively.

Can you help me design my system?

Yes! With experience internationally in both technical and managerial roles for projects of any size, S4M specializes in these areas:

  • Packaging and Process
  • Start-up Inspections
  • Quality Assurance
  • Design & Layout
  • New System Design and Installation
  • Reconditioning and Upgrading Older Processes

Our capabilities allow us to cater to your desired level of service. S4M can deliver all the way up to an entire turnkey system, handle the design phase, or anything in between. We are more than happy to work with your visions to provide the best solution. The expert knowledge and decades of experience bring the skill to quickly and efficiently complete your job.

I have a design or idea. Can you help find equipment to fit my operation or needs?

At any given time, we can have thousands of used equipment items. If there is something you need that we don???t have, we can find it for you. Using our extensive network of contacts, S4M has access to the equipment that you???re looking for. We also have the expertise to know what your operation needs to get something within your specifications.

I have a lot of idle & surplus equipment. How does your asset management program work? Can you help me?

With equipment spread over several locations, it is difficult to find and put into use a specific surplus item. This can lead to loss of value in equipment as it weathers outside or becomes obsolete. It also means a drain on those employees tasked with locating the equipment.

We have developed the AMP (Asset Management Program) to make surplus equipment management easy for you. Using our custom-designed database, we track exactly what you have, what it looks like including photos, what the important details about it are, and most importantly, WHERE it is. Users can securely access this data on a private website quickly and easily, saving time and money.

My operation is not quite running as optimally as it should. Can you help?

Most plants are running production lines that are not performing as designed. This can cost you a great deal of money!

S4M provides productivity and capability solutions for manufacturing companies in the process and packaging area, as well as engineering services for any equipment or systems sold. Using our exclusive Capability V-Chart, your underperforming lines or processes can be optimized for more capacity.

What this means is that we evaluate the line(s) that is not producing like it should to identify the factors that are causing you to have low performance. Anything that decreases your efficiency is observed and recorded. The end product is a presentation and report that identifies the key areas that slow down production.

In previous studies, we have found cases where 35% of every day???s time was lost (most of which was preventable).