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Item 1235 - Belt Filter Press
Ashbrook Simon Hartley
KP-Mark-2 Klampress

Belt Filter Press 1.2 meter wide cloth. Mfg by Ashbrook Simon Hartley. Model KP-Mark-2 Klampress, Size 1. Serial 4530.7.167, S/R number 4530. Top belt size 1.2 x 11.920 meters, bottom belt size 1.2 x 12.930 meters. Driven by 3 HP motor. Capacity approx 0 - 80 gpm depending on feed. Removed - ready to load.

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Item AF95 - Pressure Filter 17sf hydraulic (1.6 sm)
Outotec Larox

Outotec Larox PF pressure filter unit. Model PF 1.6, type PF1.6712.6 C1.62 45, serial number 1020. Operating pressure up to 16 bar. Steel skid size 141" x 142" x 78" tall (3650 long x 2500 wide x 2300 mmm tall). Filtration area 1.6 sq m (17 sq ft). Has 1 polypropylene filter plate sized 900x1750mm cloth covered. Has pressing hydraulic unit + reservoir (250 liter), and pressing water pump + tank (500 liter). Fully automatic filter using recessed plates and diaphragms for pressure filtering.

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