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Item PK-6040 - Crush Plant, Mobile 40 TPD

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Crush Plant - Mobile. Capacity 40 TPD (tons per day) or 3600 pounds per hour. Mobile crushing plant processing unit built into semi-trailer. This unit has very few hours. Built June 2020 and ran until Aug 2021. The Processing unit extrudes and presses soybeans (or oilseeds) into soybean meal and oil. It is an operational self-contained unit with process controls in a 53? van trailer. It has a rated processing capacity of 3600 lbs. of soybeans per hour. The unit has 2 extruders, 2 presses, a cooling drum, roller mill, oil recycling system, oil storage tank and conveying and process control equipment. Power: 480 volt 3-phase; can use Generator or Grid power. The extruders are in the rear of the trailer, presses in the middle, then the cooling drum and roller mill going forward. Soybeans drop into the extruders from the top of the trailer. The meal exits the side after the roller mill. The oil storage tank is in the front of the trailer. Oil can be pumped straight out the side to a tanker or to the front storage tank. We used the storage tank in the winter and pumped straight into the tanker in the warmer months. Tractor (on trailer) and shed in back are not included. See flyer in Links