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Item PK-4000 - Hydrogen Gas Plant 7 MM SCFD

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Linde HydroChem
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Hydrogen generating plant rated at 7 MM SCFD (million standard cubic feet per day or 16.5 TPD). Reconditioned w/ warranty. Pressure at PSA of 200 psig then gas compression to 650 psig. H2 steam methane reformer design (SMR). Nearly NEW and lightly used. Plant can handle a turndown rate from 4 MM to 8 MM SCFD. Steam export 13,000 lb/hr. Designed to meet California's regulations. Plant is offered removed, reconditioned, with EPC and supervision for installation (installation labor by customer - all obligations clearly listed in the proposal document). Full Presentation Proposal document available on request with NDA including entry into data room. Natural gas fired 450 psig, H2 production at 200 psig of 99.99% pure hydrogen. Plant originally ran in Oklahoma in 2018 for 6 months and has now been removed and stored in Houston. Was operating as a syngas generation plant but will be modified by adding a Water Gas Shift unit, an optional Pre-Reformer unit (added cost) and a Pressure Swing Adsorption unit. First year spare parts and annual maintenance parts included. Allow time to engineer and recondition - Warranty and Process Guarantee provided.