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Item 6565 - Agitator Top Entering 25HP

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Houston, TX
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Lightnin 25 HP top entering agitator Model 84-S-25. Material: Titanium Pd Gr.7, 190RPM, 9.4:1 reduction ratio. Flange mounted 18" 300# RFF. Designed to be driven by 25 HP 3 phase, 60 Hz, 460V 1750 RPM XP motor (not tested). Output shaft 3" OD x approx. 7' long. Impellers: Upper blade set type A200 17.5 in. dia. 4-45deg turbine blades. Lower set 24 in. spaced, type R101 6-flat turbine blades 17.5 in. dia with bottom stabilizer ring 18 in. off bottom. Impellers will vary a little between each agitator. Type C Cartridge Mech Seals [Carbon/Ceramic faces, Teflon & Viton 'O' rings]. Shipping Size approx. 5' W x 2' H x 12' L - 3,000 lbs. See agitator drawing and Specs in Links. We will run them through a local machine shop who rebuilds gearboxes and have them checked out, gears, bearings, seals, and made to be in good operating order prior to shipment. Included in our sale price. Condition was good when removed but have been in storage for several years so likely will need preventative maintenance and new or rebuilt motors. We will sell As Is, but can also recondition them for you if desired. We can ship promptly ARO, If refurbished, allow 10-15 business days. (3) available - priced separately.