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With its roots in 40+ years of industry experience, Solutions 4 Manufacturing (S4M) was started in 2001 to fill roles that are typically outside of the core competencies of manufacturing companies. The services provided can efficiently boost productivity, increase profit, and make the most of your equipment investments.

Asset Liquidation

S4M acts as the exclusive agent for selected companies in managing Liquidation and Idle Asset equipment sales detailed on these pages. Here, we believe that top dollar can be achieved for used equipment and we have the tools to do it. Our extensive network worldwide, and especially Latin America, allows for targeted marketing to interested customers. We can handle any size liquidation project, from a single item up to an entire plant operation. We have a proven track record for liquidating complete plants.

Productivity and Product Capability

S4M provides productivity and capability solutions for manufacturing companies in the process and packaging area, as well as engineering services for any equipment or systems sold. Using our exclusive Capability V-Chart, your underperforming lines or processes can be optimized for more capacity! S4M also offers operating instructions and training.

Engineering Consulting

We have extensive experience in manufacturing, management, and engineering design focusing on problem solving and determining manufacturing solutions - especially as they relate to packaging and process production systems. The impact of his involvement is reflected by the success of the enterprises he has assisted - especially those in the processing and food manufacturing business. With experience internationally in both technical and managerial roles for projects of any size, S4M specializes in these areas:

  • Packaging and Process
  • Start-up Inspections
  • Quality Assurance
  • Design & Layout
  • Systems

Surplus Asset Management

With equipment spread over several locations, it is difficult to find and put in to use a specific item that is needed. This can lead to loss of value in equipment as it weathers outside or becomes obsolete. It also means a time drain on those employees tasked with locating the equipment and shipping it where it's needed.

Using our custom-designed database, we keep track of exactly what you have, what it looks like, what the important details about it are, and most importantly, WHERE it is. Users can securely access this data on a private website quickly and easily, saving time and money.

Contact us with your questions/comments and find out how we can help you!

Clients - Partial Listing

  • ACH Food Companies
  • Kraft Food Ingredients
  • Bunge Oils
  • AGP (Ag Processing)
  • Kimberly-Clark Asia
  • USSEC (US Soy Export Council)
  • American Soybean Association
  • Unilever Best Foods
  • Hanna's Candles
  • Oasis Foods
  • Cargill, US & Mexico
  • Ragasa, Mexico
  • Aarhus Karlshamns, US & Mexico
  • Panadina, Mexico
  • TRT-ETGO, Quebec Canada
  • Alex Seed Processing, Egypt
  • Nidera, Argentina
  • Stratas Foods
  • Trinity Development, Toronto Canada
  • Sunflower Vegetable Oil
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Whole Harvest
  • Soy Best
  • Patrick Cudahy
  • Grasco, Colombia
  • Gracetales, Ecuador
  • Daymon & Associates
  • Citricos, Panama
  • Grain States Soya
  • West-Central Cooperative
  • Producers Cooperative
  • Coral International, Mexico
  • Seprod - Caribbean Products, Jamaica
  • Carvajal, Puerto Rico
  • Supreme Oil
  • Con Agra, Hunt-Wesson Foods
  • Alimentos Berrios, Venezuela
  • Bunge Canada, Toronto & Montreal
  • Aceites De Vegetales, Nicaragua
  • Chiquita Bananas
  • ADM
  • Loders Croklaan